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Project Description
  • In this project, we try to provide some basic utility components(most used) for building the social network app. And currently, since we focus on Windows store app and windows phone 8, so it works for both platforms.
  • Considering the limitation of efforts, so we just provide the's reset api for using. So you can wrap whatever social api in your later work, and always welcome to your contribution.
  • We've already provided: Caching, image, network, rest api wrapper, compression, storage wrapper and so on. pls open it!
  • Another good point is that with open soical components, your code can easily share between windows store app and windows phone app

  • Download the source code and open the solution file with visual studio 2012.
  • Fill up the “SocialSDKContext.WP8.cs” and "SocialSDKContext.Win8.cs" as comments prompt.
  • Set "Social.Components.Tester.Win8" or "Social.Components.Tester.WP8" as startup project.
  • Compile it and run.


ultimate view
design view

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